Original Sufi Choir

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01 Introductory Bismillah
02 As-Salaam Greeting Dance + Alhamdulillah Round
03 As-Salaam Duet
04 Three Divine Attribute Walks + Wazifa Canon

05 Allah-Ho-Akbar + Ya Azeem + Ya Hayy, Ya Hakk Circle + Ya Aleem
06 ‘Tis the Gift to be Simple


07 Temple Round (This is not my body)
08 Dervish Bismillah Dance + Chanted Zikr
09 Ram Nam I, II, III


10 Universal Worship Dance/Round
11 Bismillah Dance and Round
12 God of Beauty Round
13 What Wondrous Love


14 Subhan Allah
15 Ya Azim + Dervish Cycle, Part I + Allah Unison Chant + Ya Hayy, Ya Hakk
16 Hymn to the Prophet
17 Dervish Cycle, Parts II, III
18 Ya Jamil
19 Jesus is Our Sun + Esoteric Music Theory & Practice + Ya-Huv-Weh + Kalama Dance + Free Allah



Original Sufi Choir.zip – MP3 Quality entire CD (64 MB)
Original Sufi Choir-aif.zip – CD quality entire CD (435 MB)

William Allaudin Mathieu

William Allaudin Mathieu (b. 1937) — pianist, composer, author, and teacher — is one of the most influential musicians of his generation. He has composed a large variety of chamber pieces, choral works, and song cycles; recorded over twenty albums; and written four books on music:

  • Bridge of Waves: What Music Is and How Listening to It Changes the World
  • The Listening Book: Discovering Your Own Music
  • The Musical Life: Reflections on What It Is and How to Live It
  • Harmonic Experience: Tonal Harmony from Its Natural Origins to Its Modern Expression

Allaudin was a disciple of North Indian vocalist Pandit Pran Nath for 25 years. He studied with composers William Russo and Easley Blackwood, and collaborated with Nubian master musician Hamza El Din.

In the 1960s, he spent several years as an arranger and composer for Stan Kenton and Duke Ellington Orchestras, and was the musical director for the Second City Theater in Chicago (which he helped found) and for the Committee Theater in San Francisco. In the 1970s, he served on the faculties of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Mills College. In 1969, at the behest of his spiritual teacher, Murshid Samuel Lewis, he founded the Sufi Choir, which he directed until 1982.

Allaudin now devotes himself to practice, performance, recording, composition, teaching, and writing from his home in northern California.  You may access more of his music at this website:  http://coldmountainmusic.com/

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